Letter from Fencing Mom

Hello, Here’s a general packing list for a fencing tournament. Please modify it to suit your needs. I will share some insights with you that we have learned over the years. A fencing weapon must be checked with the airline … Continue reading

Packing List

Packing for a Fencing Tournament Fencing Gear: Fencing bag White fencing jacket Pants (knickers) Plastron Underarm protector Mask Glove Lame (if foil) Body cords (2–epee, 2–foil) Weapons (2–epee, 2–foil) Fencing shoes Knee socks (1 pair per day) Shorts / t-shirt … Continue reading

Sign Up For Lessons

Please Fill out the form below to sign up for lessons or ask a question and we’ll get in touch ASAP. For further information about our fencing lessons check out our Programs, Schedule, and Frequently Asked Questions pages or contact … Continue reading

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