Summary of the 2011-2012 Season

Individual Tournament Results appear after the summary

Medal Count

 Gold                                            Silver                                             Bronze

  32                                                 35                                                       64

Ratings Earned

  • Gary Linton                  C2012
  • Travis Amsbaugh         D2012
  • Bob Murzynski             D2012
  • Katie Santamaria          E2012
  • Sydney Wolfenden       E2012
  • Jonathan Hernandez    E2012
  • Dylan Kennedy             E2011

National Rolling Points List

  •  BlakeBridge                Y10 Mens Foil
  • BlakeBridge                 Y10 Mens Epee
  • Wyatt Cyr                    Y10 Mens Epee
  • Travis Amsbaugh       Y12 Mens Epee
  • Travis Amsbaugh       Y14 Mens Epee
  • Gary Linton                 V60 Mens Epee
  • Katie Santamaria        Y14 Womens Epee

USF Summer School Duel

  • D and Under – Gold Alex Elmore, Bronze Bill Shaw, 7th Jonathan Hernandez
  • Mixed Open Epee – 7th William McKenna, 10th Bob Murzynski, 11th Jonathan Hernandez, 13th Alex Elmore


Sunshine State Games – TFA medalists.

  • Y14 Womens Epee – Gold Katie Santamaria, Silver Caroline Elmore
  • Y14 Mens Epee – Bronze Travis Amsbaugh
  • Womens Open Epee – Bronze Princess Rashid
  • Womens Open Foil – Bronze Princess Rashid
  • Vet Mens Foil – Bronze Mark Jones

First Bout/First Trophy Tournament 

  • Y12 Womens Epee – 1st Annberlee Hothem, 2nd Faith Jankowski, 3rd Silvia Craig
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 1st Martin Patterson, 2nd Jaden Shemesh, 3rd Frank Beloo
  • Y12 Womens Foil – 1st Faith Jankowski, 2nd Silvia Craig
  • Y12 Mens Foil – 1st Jaden Shemesh, 2nd Frank Bello, 3rd Martin Patterson, 3rd Cameron Fulker


Tampa Youth Fencing and Cadets 

  • Y12 Womens Epee – 1st Alex Krajacic, 2nd Malika Joshi, 3rd Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Wyatt Cyr, 3rd Blake Bridge
  • Cadets Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Szilard Bitay, 3rd – Solomon Howard 3rd- Troy Moeller, 5th – Delaney Shaw

Division Championships – TFA won the Jim Campoli trophy for Best Club in the Central Florida Division for the second year in a row. Congratulations to all.

  • Y10 Foil – 2nd Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Foil – 1st Alex Tingiris, 6th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Claude Wolfenden, 3rd Alex Tingiris, 5th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 6th Blake Bridge, 6th Mallika Joshi
  • Y14 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Daniel Walton, 5th Szilard Bitay, 9th Delaney Shaw
  • Women’s Open Epee – 1st Katie Santamaria, 5th Delaney Shaw
  • Men’s Open Epee – 3rd Sidney Wolfenden, 3rd Lawrence Wolfenden, 7th Steve Tingiris, 10th Szilard Bitay,
  • Men’s Open Foil – 8th Mark Jones

West Coast Duel

  • Y10 Foil – 3rd Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Alex Krajacic, 3rd Mailka Joshi, 4th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Foil – 5th Alex Tingiris, 8th Blake Bridge
  • D and Under Epee – 2nd Daniel Walton, 3rd Bob Murzynski, 3rd Steve Tingiris, 11th Bailey Rodgers, 13th Diego Mercado-Capello, 14th Solomon Howard, 22nd Santos Alvarez, 23rd Troy Moeller, 24th Szilard Bitay
  • Senior Epee – 5th Gary Linton, 6th William McKenna, 10th Levi Bajan, 11th Bob Murzynski, 15th Princess Rashid, 20th Marko Stanisic
  • Senior Foil – 6th Mark Jones 
NAC – Virginia Beach
  • Y10 Women’s Epee – 9th Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Y10 Men’s Epee – 9th Wyatt Cyr, 19th Trace Nuss
  • Y10 Men’s Foil – 39th Wyatt Cyr
  • Y12 Women’s Epee – 30th Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Y12 Men’s Epee – 2nd Travis Amsbaugh
  • Y14 Women’s Epee – 48th Katie Santamaria
  • Y14 Men’s Epee – 29th Travis Amsbaugh
C and Under Tournament
  • Div II Epee – 1st Sydney Wolfenden, 2nd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Lawrence Wolfenden, 3rd Steve Tingiris, 5th Dylan Kennedy, 6th Daniel Walton, 8th Szilard Bitay, 10th Troy Moeller, 11th Santos Alverez
TFA March Tournament
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Sebastian Lende, 2nd Charlotte Amsbaugh, 3rd Alex Krajacic, 5th Blake Bridge, 6th Annberlee Hothem, 7th Malika Joshi, 9th Faith Jankowski
  • Y12 Foil – 2nd Alex Tingiris, 3rd Blake Bridge
  • Y14 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Sebastian Lende, 3rd Troy Moeller, 7th Daniel Walton
  • Cadet Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Caroline Elmore, 3rd Daniel Walton, 5th Katie Santamaria, 6th Bailey Rodgers
NAC – Cincinnati
  • Men’s Vet Epee – 8th Gary Linton (Earned his C2012)
Arnold Classic
  • Y8 Men’s Epee – 11th Kevin Lu
  • Y8 Men’s Foil – 16th Kevin Lu
  • Y10 Men’s Epee – 6th Blake Bridge
  • Y10 Men’s Foil – 11th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Men’s Epee – 16th Alex Tingiris
  • Y12 Men’s Foil – 51st Alex Tingiris
  • Y14 Women’s Epee – 5th Katie Santamaria 
Arnold Mercado Memorial
  • Y10 Epee – 2nd Richard Nuss
  • Open Epee – 7th Gary Linton
Spring RYC
  • Y10 Epee – 2nd Richard Nuss
  • Y12 Epee – 6th Richard Nuss
Green Gator 
  • Open Epee – 3rd William McKenna
Central Florida RYC
  • Y10 Epee – 2nd Wyatt Cyr, 3rd Charlotte Amsbaugh, 5th Blake Bridge, 6th Kevin Lu, 7th Lauren Moreno
  • Y10 Foil – 3rd Blake Bridge, 6th Wyatt Cyr, 11th Kevin Lu
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Sebastian Lende, 3rd Alex Krajacic, 5th Alex Tingigiris, 6th Christopher Santamaria, 7th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 8th Devan Shah
  • Y12 Foil – 3rd Alex Tingiris, 12th Wyatt Cyr
  • Y14 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Caroline Elmore, 3rd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Sebastian Lende, 6th Szilard Bitay, 7th Delores Hinckley 
Capital Clash
  • Y10 Men’s Epee – 12th Blake Bridge
  • Y10 Men’s Foil – 20th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Men’s Epee – 3rd Travis Amsbaugh, 35th Tristan Yang
  • Y14 Women’s Epee – 19th Katie Santamaria
  • Y14 Men’s Epee – Travis Amsbaugh
  • Cadets Women’s Epee – 11th Katie Santamaria

January TFA Tournament
  • Y10 Epee – 1st Charlotte Amsbaugh, 2nd Blake Bridge, 3rd Wyatt Cyr, 3rd Lauren Moreno, 5th Annberlee Hothem, 6th Faith Jankowski
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Tristan Yang, 2nd Alex Tingiris, 3rd Sebastian Lende, 3rd Christopher Santamaria, 5th Max Goldberg, 6th Alex Krajacic, 7th Malika Joshi, 8th Devan Shah
  • Y12 Foil – 1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Tristan Yang, 3rd Blake Bridge, 5th Kevin Lu
  • Y14 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Szilard Bitay, 3rd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Daniel Walton, 5th Sebastian Lende, 6th Alex Tingiris, 7th Delores Hinckley
  • Cadet Epee – 1st Dylan Kennedy, 2nd Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Sydney Wolfenden, 3rd Szilard Bitay, 5th Bailey Rodgers, 6th Katie Santamaria, 7th Troy Moeller

River City Duel

  • Y14 Foil – 11th Alex Tingiris
  • Senior Women’s Foil – 2nd Princess Rashid
  • Senior Dagger Epee – 3rd Ryan Wheeler
  • Senior Epee – 2nd William McKenna, 23rd Ryan Wheeler, 29th Princess Rashid, 36th Gary Linton
December Duel
  • Div III Epee – 3rd Caroline Elmore
  • Open Epee – 12th Marco Stanisic, 16th Alex Elmore
TFA Tournament
  •  Y10 Epee -1st Charlotte Amsbaugh, 2nd Wyatt Cyr, 3rd Blake Bridge, 3rd Lauren Moreno
  • Y12 Epee –  1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Chris Santamaria, 3rd Sebastian Lende
  • Y10/Y12 Foil – 1st Blake Bridge, 2nd Wyatt Cyr, 3rd Jana Rashid
Tampa Epee Marathon
  • D and Under Epee – 1st Gary Linton, 2nd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Daniel Walton, 5th Steve Tingiris, 6th Szilard Bitay
  • Cadet’s Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Daniel Walton, 3rd Szilard Bitay, 3rd Katie Santamaria, 5th Troy Moeller
NAC – Kansas City
  • Div II Women’s Epee – 29th Bailey Rodgers (Earned E2011)
  • Div I Men’s Epee – 142nd Marko Stanisic
NAC – Austin
  • Y14 Women’s Epee – 22nd Katie Santamaria, 39th Caroline Elmore
  • Y14 Men’s Epee – 72nd Travis Amsbaugh
  • Cadets Women’s Epee – 56th Katie Santamaria, 82nd Carolina Elmore
  • Cadets Men’s Epee – 132nd Travis Amsbaugh
  • Junior Men’s Epee – 101nd Marko Stanisic  
JO Qualifier
  • Y12 Men’s Foil – 7th Blake Bridge
  • Cadet Women’s Epee – Qualified Caroline Elmore and Katie Santamaria
  • Junior Women’s Epee – 5th Katie Santamaria
  • Junior Men’s epee – 5th Marko Stanisic
Black Widow Tournament
  • DIV III – 3rd Katie Santamaria, 6th Bailey Rodgers
Tampa Epee Marathon
  • Y10 Epee – 1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Charlotte Amsbaugh, 3rd Annberlee Hothem, 3rd Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Tristan Yang, 3rd Sebastian Lende, 6th Alex Tingiris, 7th John Cunningham, 8th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 9th Blake Bridge
  • D and Under Epee – 3rd Diego Mercado-Capella, 3rd Dylan Kennedy (earned E2011), 7th Katie Santamaria, 8th Jonathan Hernandez, 9th Daniel Walton, 11th Sydney Wolfenden, 12th Szilard Bitay, 13th Steve TIngiris, 15th Spencer Shaw, 16th Troy Moeller, 17th Joe Olmstead, 18th Andrew Deal
Autumn in Miami
  • Y12 Epee – 3rd Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Cadet Epee –  5th Travis Amsbaugh, 7th Katie Santamaria, 8th Daniel Walton, 9th Szilard Bitay, 11th Caroline Elmore, 13th Bailey Rodgers
  • Open Mixed Epee – 11th Katie Santamaria, 14th Diego Mercado-Capella

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