Summer Nationals – June 28 – July 7th, 2013 Columbus, OH

  • Vet Mens 60 Epee – Silver Medal Gary Linton (earned B13)
  • Cadet Womens Epee – 19th Katie Santamaria
  • Cadet Mens Epee – 67th Travis Amsbaugh, 175th Szilard Bitay
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 38th Katie Santamaria, 90th Mallika Joshi, 105th Ale Krajacic
  • Y14 Mens Epee – 30th Travis Amsbaugh, 130th Szilard Bitay
  • Y12 Womens Epee – 11th Alex Krajacic, 20th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 68th Mallika Joshi
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 29th Alex Tingiris, 75th Chris Santamaria
  • Jr Mens Epee – 145th Travis Amsbaugh


Central Florida Division Championships, June 15, 2013 Ocoee, Fl

  • Y12 Mixed Epee – 2nd Claudia Wolfenden, 3rd Charlotte Amsbaugh, 4th Alex Krajacic, 5th Grayson Zabrucki, 6th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Mixed Foil – 6th Blake Bridge
  • Y14 Mixed Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Szilard Bitay, 3rd Samuel Bathom, 7th Luis Ayala-Porfil, 9th Ale Krajacic, 11th Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Sr Mixed Epee – 3rd Sydney Wolfenden, 6th Lawrence Wolfenden, 9th Travis Amsbaugh, 11th Szilard Bitay, 12th Joshua Mack, 14th Samuel Bathom

Sunshine State Games,  June 8-9, 2013, Gainesville, FL

The Sunshine State Team Points Trophy, fencers and coaches 2013

  • Team Points Award Tampa Fencing Academy
  • Veterans Foil – 1st Mark Jones
  • Senior Womens Epee – 2nd Katie Santamaria, 3rd Sofija Stanisic
  • Y14 Mens Epee – 1st Travis Amsbaugh
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 1st Katie Santamaria, 2nd Alex Krajacic, 3rd Delaney Shaw

    Gold, Silver and Bronze for Y14 Womens Epee at Sunshine State Games.

It’s Just a Fleche Wound, May 25, 2013, Tampa, Fl

  • C and Under Mixed Epee – 5th Lawrence Wolfenden, 6th Sofija Stanisic, 11th Sydney Wolfenden, 13th Katie Santamaria, 15th Szilard Bitay
  • Mixed Epee – 10th Will McKenna, 15th Katie Santamaria, 19th Joe Olmstead, 22nd Sofija Stanisic, 25th Szilard Bitay

The Dunedin Rite, May 18, 2013, Dunedin, Fl

  • D and Under Mixed Epee – 3rd Joe Olmstead, 9th Delaney Shaw

Stoccata April Youth Duel, April 27, 2013, Longwood, FL

  • Y14 Mixed Epee – 1st Joe Olmstead

Central Florida Nationals Division Qualifier, April 20-21, 2013, Longwood, Fl

  • Y14 Mens Epee – 2nd Szilard Bitay

April 2013 North American Cup, April 12-15, 2013, Richmond, VA

  • Y12 Womens Epee – 11th Alex Krajacic, 22nd Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 60th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Mens Foil – 94th Blake Bridge
  • Y14 Mens Epee – 34th Travis Amsbaugh
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 17th Katie Santamaria, 44th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 60 Alex Krajacic

West Coast Duel, April 13-14, 2013, Clearwater, FL

  • Y14 Mixed Epee – 1st Alex Tingiris, 2nd Chris Santamaria, 3rd Mallika Joshi, 3rd Claudia Wolfenden, 7th Faith Jankowski
  • Y14 Mixed Foil – 3rd Alex Tingiris
  • D and Under Epee – 1st Sydney Wolfenden (earned D2013), 3rd Lawrence Wolfenden (earned E2013), 6th Steve Tingiris, 8th Santos Alvarez, 9th Sofija Stanisic, 12th Zoran Stanisic
  • Senior Mixed Epee – 1st Will McKenna (earned A2013), 8th Sofija Stanisic, 10th Szilard Bitay
  • Senior Mixed Foil – 3rd Mark Jones
  • Veterans Epee – 2nd Santos Alvarez
  • Veterans Foil – 2nd Mark Jones

Newberry’s April Fools Duel, April 6, 2013, Newberry, Fl

  • Womens Epee – 2nd Sofija Stanisic
  • Y12 Mixed Epee – 2nd Blake Bridge, 3rd Alex Krajacic and Mallika Joshi, 5th Christopher Santamaria
  • Y14 Mixed Epee – 3rd Christopher Santamaria, 5th Alex Krajacic, 8th Mallika Joshi, 9th Blake Bridge
  • D and Under Mixed Epee – 13th Sofija Stanisic
  • Sr. Mixed Epee – 3rd Will McKenna, 5th Ryan Wheeler, 28th Sofija Stanisic
  • Sr. Mixed Foil – 12th Mark Jones

USF’s Green and Gold Cup, March 23, 2013, Tampa, Fl

Open Epee Medalists

  • Open Epee – 2nd Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd William McKenna, 7th Szilard Bitay, 17th Katie Santamaria, 20th Sofija Stanisic, 21st Joe Olmstead
  • C and Under Epee – 9th Szilard Bitay, 14th Katie Santamaria, 17th Sofija Stanisic, 20th Joe Olmstead

Junior Olympics, February 15-18, 2013, Baltimore, MD

Katie’s patience pays off

Cadet Womens Epee -21st Katie Santamaria (earning C13),138th Delaney Shaw

47th Annual Green Gator, February 9, 2013, Gainesville, FL

  • Open Mixed Epee – Mixed Epee – 3rd William McKenna, 12th Travis Amsbaugh, 16th Gary Linton, 22nd Katie Santamaria, 52nd Sofija Stanisic
  • Mixed Foil – 24th Mark Jones
  • D and Under Mixed Epee – 3rd Sofija Stanisic and Sydney Wolfenden, 5th Lawrence Wolfenden, 9th Katie Santamaria

Capitol Clash SYC, February 1-3, 2013, National Harbor, MD

Semi – Finals – Travis on the left

  • Y10 Mens Foil – 33rd Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Mens Foil – 58th Alex Tingiris, 93rd Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 15th Alex Tingiris, 50th Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Womens Epee – 12th Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Y14 Mens Epee – 5th Travis Amsbaugh, 89th Joe Olmstead
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 29th Delaney Shaw, 39th Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Cadet Mens Epee – 3rd Travis Amsbaugh
  • Cadet Womens Epee – 40th Delaney Shaw

Katherine earning her D2013

USF Bulls – Papa Ryan’s Birthday Epee Bash, February 2, 2013, Tampa, Fl

C and Under – 3rd Katherine Santamaria – earned D2013, 12th Bill Shaw, 13th Sebastian Lende

Mixed Epee – 8th Will McKenna, 14th Gary Linton, 19th Katherine Santamaria, 23rd Sebastian Lende



Champagne Classic, January 27, 2013, Silver Springs, MD

  • Open Epee – 17th Travis Amsbaugh

Gateway Circuit Epee #4, January 27, 2013, Gainesville, FL

  • Unrated Mixed Epee – 8th Sebastian Lende
  • Mixed Epee – 11th Katherine Santamaria, 18th Sebastian Lende

Travis earning his B2013

North American Cup – January 18 -21, 2013, Louisville, KY

  • Y14 Mens Epee – 3rd Travis Amsbaugh – earned B2013
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 34th Katherine Santamaria, 61st Charlotte Amsbaugh
  • Cadet Mens Epee – 117th Travis Amsbaugh
  • Cadets Womens Epee – 78th Katherine Santamaria
  • Jr Mens Epee – 227th Travis Amsbaugh


River City Duel ‘Til You Drop January 12, 2013, Jacksonville, FL

  • Sr Mixed Open Epee – 6th Will McKenna, 14th Gary Linton, and 27th Jonathan Hernandez

Syd’s Random Team Epee Participants

Syd’s Random Epee Team Event January 6, 2013 – Tampa, FL

1st Place -Team Won- Team Captain Will McKenna, Bob Murzynski, and Brennan Bell

2nd Place – Wheeler’s Waffles – Team Captain Ryan Wheeler, Joe Olmstead, and Syd Wolfenden

3rd Place – Claudia’s Angels – Team Captain Jonathan Hernandez, Lawrence Wolfenden and Claudia Wolfenden

December NAC – Milwaukee, MI

  • Mens 60 Vet Epee – 6th Gary Linton

December Open Medalists

December Open Epee December 9th – Tampa, FL

  • 3rd Travis Amsbaugh, 5th Boyko Krastevitch, 6th Bob Murzynski, 7th Szilard Bitay, 8th Katie Santamaria, 11th Joe Olmstead, 12th Jonathan Hernandez, 13th Sofija Stanisic, 14th Solomon Howard, 15th Sebastian Lende, 16th Delaney Shaw
  • Tampa December Youth Tournament December 8th and 9th – Tampa, Fl

    Y14 Medalists

Y10 Mixed Epee – 2nd Jaden Shemesh, 3rd Martin Patterson

Y10 Mixed Foil – 2nd Jaden Shemesh

Y12 Mixed Epee – 2nd Charlotte Amsbaugh, 3rd Blake Bridge and Jaden Shemesh, 6th Alex Krajacic, 7th Mallika Joshi, 8th Annberlee Hothem

Y12 Mixed Foil – 3rd Jaden Shemesh and Blake Bridge, 7th Kevin Lu

Y14 Mixed Epee – 2nd Ana Stanisic, 3rd Charlotte Amsbaugh and Mallika Joshi, 5th Alex Krajacic

Bernie Stein SYC – Chandler, AZ November 30- December 2nd, 2012

  • Y14 Womens Epee – 23rd Delaney Shaw

War of the Roses – Clearwater November 17th and 18th, 2012

  • Y10 Mixed Foil – 2nd Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Mixed Epee – 2nd Alex Tingiris, 3rd Blake Bridge, 7th Mallika Joshi, 8th Claudia Wolfenden, 9th Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Mixed Foil – 12th Alex Tingiris, 15th Blake Bridge, 17th Jaden Shemesh
  • Y14 Mixe Foil – 7th Alex Tingiris
  • D and Under Mixed Epee – 3rd Sofija Stanisic, 12th Sydney Wolfenden, 14th Lawrence Wolfenden, 17th Jonathan Hernandez, 18th Katie Santamaria, 19th Delaney Shaw, 20th Szilard Bitay, 21st Steve Tingiris, 27th Sebastian Lende
  • Sr. Mixed Epee – 2nd Marko Stanisic, 6th Travis Amsbaugh, 8th Jonathan Hernandez, 21st Katie Santamaria, 27th Sofija Stanisic
  • Sr. Mixed Foil – 21st Mark Jones
  • Vet Epee – 3rd Steve Tingiris
  • Vet Foil – 3rd Mark Jones

Virginia Beach NAC – November 8th – 12th, 2012

  • Junior Mens Epee – 70th Travis Amsbaugh

USF Oktoberfence 2012

USF Oktoberfence – Tampa, Fl November 4th, 2012

  • Open Mixed Epee – 3rd Will McKenna, 7th Travis Amsbaugh, 20th Jonathan Hernandez
  • C and Under Mixed Epee- 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 3rd Jonathan Hernandez, 7th Katie Santamaria

JO Qualifier – Tampa, FL November 3rd, 2012

  • Cadet Womens Epee – Katie Santamaria, Delaney Shaw and Sofija Stanisic qualified
  • Cadet Mens Epee – Travis Amsbaugh qualified
  • Junior Womens Epee – Katie Santamaria and Sofija Stanisic qualified

St. Louis SYC October 20 and October 21

St. Louis SYC

  • Y10 Mens Epee – 3rd Jaden Shemesh
  • Y10 Mens Foil – 23rd Jaden Shemesh
  • Y12 Womens Epee – 6th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 11th Alex Krajacic, 18 Mallika Joshi
  • Y12 Mens Epee – 15th Blake Bridge
  • Y12 Mens Foil – 46th Blake Bridge
  • Y14 Womens Epee – 10th Katie Santamaria, 18th Mallika Joshi, 19th Delaney Shaw, 23rd Alex Krajacic
  • Y14 Mens Epee – 20th Travis Amsbaugh

Iron Works Fall Grinder – Rockledge, FL October 21, 2012

  • C and Under Mixed Epee – 7th Jonathan Hernandez

October NAC – St. Louis

St. Louis NAC


  • Cadet Mens Epee – 69th Travis Amsbaugh
  • Div II Mens Epee – 28th Travis Amsbaugh

C and Under October Tournament – Tampa October 7, 2012

C and Under Medals – Oct 2012

  • 1st Travis Amsbaugh, 2nd Sydney Wolfenden, 3rd Gary Linton, 5th Lawrence Wolfenden, 6th Bob Murzynski, 7th Sofia Stanisic, 8th Daniel Walton, 11th Solomon Howard, 12th Jonathan Hernandez, 14th Steve Tingiris, 15th Katie Santamaria, 16th Delaney Shaw, 17th Sebastian Lende, 18 Szilard Bitay, 20th Santos Alverez

Tampa October Youth Tournament – October 6 and 7th, 2012

Y10 Foil Medals – Oct 2012

  • Y10 Mixed Epee – 3rd Kevin Lu, 6th Don Miguel Ocampo, 7th Martin Patterson, 8th Cameron Fulker
  • Y10 Mixed Foil – 3rd Jaden Shemesh, 3rd Kevin Lu, 5th Martin Patterson
  • Y12 Mixed Epee – 2nd Alex Tingiris,  3rd Alex Krajacic, 3rd Mallika Joshi, 5th Wyatt Cyr, 6th Blake Bridge, 7th Claudia Wolfenden, 8th Charlotte Amsbaugh, 9th Silvia Craig
  • Y12 Mixed Foil – 1st Alex Tingiris, 3rd Blake Bridge, 3rd Jaden Shemesh

Results from Back to School – Newberry 9/15 and 16

Congratulations to All. Great Start to the Season.

Womens Epee
1 – Katie Santamaria

Katie with Coach Harper

3 – Sofia Stanisic
6 – Delaney Shaw

Y12 Mixe Epee
3 – Blake Bridge

Y12 Mixed Foil
5- Blake Bridge

Y14 Mixed Epee
8 – Katie Santamaria

D and Under Mixed Epee
7- Katie Santamaria
8 – Bob Murzynski
9 – Sofia Stanisic
11- Steve Tingiris
13 – Delaney Shaw

Sr. Mixed Foil
17- Mark Jones

Family Team Epee Tournament 9/9/12

The Gang from the Family Team Epee Tournament who made it to the bitter end.

  • 1st Place Amsbaugh Wheeler- Charlotte Amsbaugh, Travis Amsbaugh, and Ryan Wheeler
  • 2nd Place The Orphans – Bruce Moorman, Bob Murzynski, and Joe Olmstead
  • 3rd Place Power of the socks – Katie Santamaria, Bill Shaw, and Delaney Shaw
  • 3rd Place Wolfendens – Claudia Wolfenden, Lawrence Wolfenden and Sydney Wolfenden
  • 5th Place Bridge Bashers – Blake Bridge, Donna Bridge, and Richard Byers
  • 5th Place Bring It On – Szilard Bitay, Alex Tingiris, and Steve Tingiris
  • 5th Place Clan Elmore – Alex Elmore, Caroline Elmore, and Frank Elmore

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