TFA finished the season with great results at the Sunshine State Games

Sunshine State Games – Lakeland, FL 6/21-22/14

  • Y14 Women’s Epee- Gold Alex Krajacic
  • Women’s Epee – Silver Alex Krajacic, Bronze Katie Santamaria, 6th Claudia Wolfenden
  • Men’s Epee – 9th Ryan Wheeler, 12th Michael Goodman, 15th Sydney Wolfenden, 17th Lawrence Wolfenden
  • D and Under Epee – Gold Michael Goodman, 15th Alex Krajacic

War of the Roses – Clearwater, Fl 11/16-17/13

Weights and shims

  • Y12 Epee – 1st Edward James, 3rd Martin Patterson, 6th Don Miguel Ocampo, 7th Marcy Edwards
  • D and Under Epee – 2nd Joe Olmstead, 6th Alex Krajacic, 7th Mallika Joshi, 9th Sofija Stanisic, 15th Caroline Goodman, 16th Hannah Cesaretti, 17th Edward Jones
  • Mixed Epee – 18th Sofija Stanisic, 19th Alex Krajacic, 24th Caroline Goodman
  • D and Under Foil – 2nd Mark Jones
  • Mixed Foil – 17th Mark Jones, 24th Nigel Phang


Crescent City Open – New Orleans, LA 10/26-27/13

  • Y14 Epee – 3rd Travis Amsbaugh
  • DIV 1A Epee – 8th Travis Amsbaugh


Oktoberfence – Tampa, FL 10/26/13

  • C and Under Epee – 2nd Lawrence Wolfenden, 5th Sydney Wolfenden, 10th Alex Krajacic, 12th Sofija Stanisic, 16th Hannah Cesaretti, 20th Mailka Joshi, 21 Luis Ayala- Porfil, 24th Joshua Alvior, 25th Caroline Goodman
  • Mixed Epee – 1st Marko Stanisic, 6th Gary Linton, 15th Sofija Stanisic, 19th Alex Krajacic


Ghoul Duel

Ghoul Duel – Gainesville, Fl 10/25/13

Sr Mixed Epee – 2nd Marko Stanisic

  • D and Under – 1st Sofija Stanisic

October NAC – Milwaukee, WI 10/11-14/13

October NAC

Y14 Mens Epee – 3rd Travis Amsbaugh



Iron Works Grinder – Rockledge, FL 10/12/13

  • Sr. Mixed Epee – 1st Marko Stanisic, 5th Sofija Stanisic

World Veterans Cup – Bulgaria 10/1/13

  • Vet Mens 60 – 31st Gary Linton

Back to School Duel – Newberry, Fl, 9/14-15/13

  • Y14 Mixed Epee – 3rd Alex Krajacic and Caroline Goodman
  • D and Under Mixed Epee – 3rd Sofija Stanisic, 9th Joe Olmstead, 16th Alex Krajacic
  • Sr. Mixed Epee – 7th Sofija Stanisic
  • D and Under Mixed Foil – 10th Mark Jones

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