Here is a brief listing of tournaments that many be of interest to you. For the complete list and registration, please check

Always check with your coach about signing up for tournaments.

Iron Works Fall Grinder October 11, 2014 Iron Works of Viera Head Ref: David Holdsworth (F5/E5/S6) 6 Grounded strips

WGFA Black Widow September 27 Winter Garden Fencing Academy Head Ref:  Jason R Seachrist (F7/EP) 4 grounded strips

USF Oktoberfence November 15, 2014, USF Fencing Club, Tampa

2nd Annual Masquerade Duel December 13, 2014

The ROC Committee is pleased to announce a partial list of the following dates and locations for the 2014-2015 Regional Open Circuits and Regional Junior Cadet Circuits, additional dates and locations will be added as information becomes available:

  • BCFA/Alice B. ROC (D1A/DV2) Aug. 15-17 Houston, TX
  • Boston ROC (Vet) Aug. 23-24 Waltham, MA
  • The Fencers Academy ROC (DV2) & RJCC Aug. 30-Sept. 1 St. Louis, MO
  • The Kickoff Classic ROC (D1A/DV2) Sept. 13-14 Fredericksburg, VA
  • Bladefest ROC (DV2) Sept. 19-21 Tacoma, WA  
  • Duel at Dallas ROC (Vet ) & RJCC Sept. 27-28 Dallas, TX  
  • NWFC/Columbia International ROC (D1A) Oct. 24-26 Beaverton, OR  
  • Remenyik ROC (D1A) & RJCC Oct. 25-26 Evanston, Ill.
  • Crescent City Open ROC (D1A, DV2, VET) Nov. 1-2 New Orleans, LA
  • Kentucky Division/Bourbon Open ROC (D1A) Nov. 14-15 Louisville, KY  
  • Bladerunner ROC (D1A) Nov. 15-16 San Diego, CA
  • Mission Generations ROC (VET) Nov. 29-30 Rocky Point, N.Y.
  • Richard F. Oles Memorial Charm City Classic ROC (D1A) Dec. 13-14 Catonsville, MD
  • NWFC RJCC Dec. TBD Beaverton, OR
  • Battle in Seattle ROC (D1A) Jan. 23-25 Bellevue, WA
  • Cobra ROC (D1A/DV2) Feb. 6-8 Jersey City, NJ
  • Fencers Club of Arizona ROC (D1A, DV2, VET) March 14-15 Chandler, AZ
  • Wang Memorial ROC (D1A, DV2) –March 14-15 Arlington, TX
  • Mission/Jeff Wolfe Long Island Challenge ROC (D1A/DV2) Apr. 25-26 Rocky Point, N.Y.

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